Why Glimmer

Running software for microfinance organization is hard. That’s why we built the Glimmer Platform: to help microfinance organisations run reliably, securely, and easily.


Fully Managed Microfinance Software

Focus on the success of your social mission

Glimmer is built around the Mifos X, which is an extended platform for delivering the complete range of financial services needed for an effective financial inclusion solution. Glimmer platform contains all the functionality needed for deploying a complete financial inclusion solution and can be configured for any combination of financial services, for any market or demographic, and for any organizational type.

Use Cases

Glimmer Microfinance Platform can be adopted by Banks, Credit Unions, SACCOs, Village Savings Groups, Village Lending Group and Financial Co-Operatives.

Incremental Adoption

Traditional organisations can incrementally adopt the Glimmer Platform – start simple with minimum needed functionality and evolve into a complete solution for financial inclusion.

All Inclusive Microfinance Software

The Glimmer Platform comes with a suite of 4 applications delivered through the cloud. With Glimmer Platform quality is literally a few clicks away.

Core MFI App

The core MFI application captures and models industry best-practices for a microfinance organisation. The app is accessible through the cloud and the enterprise version can also be installed on-site. The app allows microfinance organisations to track and manage clients, staff, branches, loan products and much more…

Selfcare App

The iOS, Android and web-based selfcare applications integrate seamlessly with the core MFI App and provides financial access to clients anywhere, anytime. It allows clients to apply for, track and repay loans from the comfort of their web-browsers or mobile phones. For select countries there is also integration with mobile money.

Loan Officer App

The application for loan officers integrates seamlessly with the core MFI App, digitalising the core processes carried out by field officers. Using the app improves the efficiency of operations, reduces loan officer dependency on branches, and ensures members of the branch & management teams have more information in real time.

Learning App

Glimmer Platform includes a learning application for administrators, business managers and loan officers. This application captures core concepts and delivers them to your team needs so that your organisation can smoothly transition to the Glimmer Platform. Enjoy quick onboarding for existing as well as new staff persons.

Seriously Secure

Rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe – whether you choose our standard multi-tenant cloud offering or our Enterprise offering – enjoy industry-best security.


Database deployments that we depend on run on a private VLAN network with IP whitelisting and TLS/SSL encryption for data in motion.


Our Enterprise service includes additional security options for customers who have to fullfill compliance obligations, want isolation, or require encryption-at-rest.

Enabling Financial Inclusion

Glimmer Platform is feature complete and is built around modular service-oriented architecture enabling core functionality for financial inclusion.

Glimmer Platform can enable, transform and empower microfinance organisations. The platform is based on the MifosX initiative and its goal is to speed the elimination of poverty by enabling financial service providers to efficiently deliver comprehensive financial services.

Brought to you by a global team

Ours is a small, close-knit and formidable team with expertise in the domains of technology, design, teaching, marketing, finance, management and core banking. Our experience of working for thousands of customers (and ourselves!) is reflected in how our platform performs and helps teams build solid, performant businesses.