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Offices are used to model an MFIs structure. A hierarchical representation of offices is supported. There will always be at least one office (which represents the MFI or an MFIs head office). All subsequent offices added must have a parent office.

#Loan Products

A Loan product is a template that is used when creating a loan. Much of the template definition can be overridden during loan creation.

#Savings Product

When creating savings accounts, the details from the savings product are used to auto fill details of the savings account application process.

#Fixed Deposit Product

This is one of the advanced term deposit product offered by MFI's.

The FD products are deposit accounts which are held for a fixed term – like 1 year, 2 years etc.

When creating fixed deposit accounts, the details from the fixed deposit product are used to auto fill details of the fixed deposit account application process.

#Recurring Deposit Product

Recurring Deposits are a special kind of Term Deposits offered by MFI's.

Recurring Deposits help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month (specified recurring frequency) into their Recurring Deposit account.

When creating recurring deposit accounts, the details from the recurring deposit product are used to auto fill details of the recurring deposit account application process.

#Entity-Datatable Checks

This defines Entity-Datatable Check.


Application related configuration around viewing/updating the currencies permitted for use within the MFI.



Allows you to model staff members. At present the key role of significance is whether this staff member is a loan officer or not.

#Staff Images

Images associated with a staff person


Its typical for MFIs to add extra costs for their financial products. These are typically Fees or Penalties.

At present we support defining charges for use with Client accounts and both loan and saving products.

#Loan Products Mix

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can decide which types of products a given client or group can mix. In this way, you can restrict clients from having active loans accounts of different products at the same time.


Some MFI's span large regions where different branch offices might observe different holidays. They need the ability to define holidays for specific branch offices and be able to set the repayment rule to follow during those holidays.

#Working days

The days of the week that are workdays.

#Interest Rate Chart

This defines an interest rate scheme that can be associated to a term deposit product. This will have a slab (band or range) of deposit periods and the associated interest rates applicable along with incentives for each band.

#Interest Rate Slab (A.K.A interest bands)

The slabs a.k.a interest bands are associated with Interest Rate Chart. These bands allow to define different interest rates for different deposit term periods.

#Teller Cash Management

Teller cash management which will allow an organization to manage their cash transactions at branches or head office more effectively.

#Payment Type

This defines the payment type

#Floating Rates

This defines the Floating Rates

#Tax Components

This defines the Tax Components

#Tax Group

This defines the Tax Group

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